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Company Profile

Quality Policy

Our company's main policy is to match and exceed our customers' quality, price, and delivery time expectations with our products and services. In addition, we pay special attention to the environment around us in the process of manufacturing our products since Argon is an environmentally conscious firm.

We combine our qualified workforce with the technological advancements, knowledge and experience in order to be highly competitive in our sector. To achieve this goal, we organize conferences and seminars with the aim of continuously developing our staff's quality consciousness and working skills. This kind of organization will eventually transform our workforce into an well-integrated team that learns and develops constantly.

We aim to have suppliers that possess similar vision with regard to quality management with Argon since they affect the quality of our products directly. All our staff is required to adhere with the processes that have been discussed in our Quality Management Handbook. These processes

guarantee that the quality of our products match and exceed the demands of our customers and that our products are manufactured under the laws and regulations that govern the production of our products. We wholeheartedly believe that our quality management system will enable us to produce low cost high quality products that will be promptly shipped to our customers which in turn will provide us with a competitive advantage over our competitors. This competitive advantage will aid us in increasing our market share worldwide.